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Choose from our targeted candidate-focused job fairs:
Diversity, Veteran, Healthcare or Entry-Level.

Why It Works

You join a virtual job fair

The world’s most visited virtual hiring platform drives quality candidates to the event.

We screen and

You add screening questions. Our platform filters applicants and schedules interviews.

You interview
on CloudHire

You interview on a seamless platform built to make interviewing a breeze.

Designed & built for virtual interviewing

Enjoy a seamless virtual interview experience.
No apps to download. No links to juggle.
Create powerful conversations with attendees via video, audio, or chat rooms.
Leverage a platform with a 91% positive ROI.
A favorite hiring solution of Target, Allstate, Trinity Health, and hundreds more
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Hire more efficiently

screener questions for applicants before job fair scheduled interview with estimated wait time

Hire more efficiently

Automate your screening process with a flexible, easy-to-use interface.
Create a seamless interview flow, using a highly-customizable, brandable process.
Save 30%+ on time spent posting, screening, interviewing, and hiring.
Secure an average of 9+ hires per event.
Let job seekers explore roles and apply in minutes.
Highly rated by 98% of candidates surveyed.

Integrated view into your hiring funnel

Speed up your recruiting process by 30%.*
Easily view candidate resumes, interview recordings, and notes to compare attendees after the event.
View and download candidate metrics for engagement and attendance.
Quickly sort, view, and save candidate profiles in a smooth interface that makes hiring a joy.

*Based on average time savings reported in CloudHire client exit surveys.

By hosting an event, I was able to set up a sponsored event where I needed. CloudHire in turn sourced all of the candidate types that I required. I was blown away by the quality of matches CloudHire helped me gain in one day for a sensible cost!”

- Technical Recruiter

After a colleague mentioned this company I did some research. The virtual platform is unmatched. This was a game changer for us as we were spending upwards of $5,000 per event we hosted. Great service and cost effective, we highly recommend CloudHire."

- Talent Acquisition Specialist

I just got finished with my first event, 10/10. The platform just makes sense, everything down to how I view candidates, to interviewing, to the reporting, it just all works exactly as it should."

- Recruiter

Hands down the most cost-effective way for us to recruit right now. The sponsor tool even told me how many candidates would attend the event based on our budget. Very transparent, efficient, and most of all effective."

- Recruiting Specialist

Watch a demo

Watch these two short videos to see how the CloudHire platform can streamline your hiring process.